This presentation describes the hardware and software environment for experimenting with the Parallel Rendering of Webpages.

The hardware consists of a cluster of Single Board Computers (SBCs) which run a number of application servers that previously ran in the cloud (RHC and Pythonanywhere). Each application server was associated with a single application which was either accessible online or via a mobile device.

The cluster described here has 50 cores plus 16 Epiphany cores. A web server runs on each of the 50 cores. Two servers, running on the Parallella, have access to the 16 Epiphany cores;

The software for rendering webpages, consists of a single library – the Parallel Template Library. This library maps the variable names within a jinja2 template to a method implemented by a server running on one of the 50 cores. The method is evaluated remotely and the result assigned to the variable when the template is rendered.

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